{Neck tension}

Roballs - the trusted
solution for a better back.

Roballs instantly relieves tension and pain in the body with simple exercise. There are many different applications from helping with loosening your hips to strengthening your core and helping relieve sciatica and chronic pain.

{Thoracic Pain}

I work retail so I'm on my feet all day long which puts a huge strain on my back. By using Roballs I have alleviated all the discomfort that has ailed me in the past.
Corbin F

{Mid-back pain}


My sciatic nerve was pinched and hurting all the way down my leg. Twenty minutes of exercising with Roballs provided long lasting relief.
Emily P
Like many dancers, I suffered from lower back pain. Roballs sounded too simple to solve my pain. However, the pain began to dissipate after only 3 sessions.
Adam W

{Lumbar pain}

How the Roballs Treatment Works

Roballs works best when you lay on them. If you feel that they are too hard for your back try laying a yoga mat down or lay on you bed to start. After a couple times of use you should feel enough relief to lay on a regular floor surface. Roballs are also very effective behind your back while sitting, on your side for your legs, and against a wall.

The basic position for Roballs is to position one ball on either side of your spine and work from there. For work on your hips, shoulders, neck, and other areas of your body position them on a stress point of your body and work through a range of motion to re-educate your muscular-skeletal system to work properly.

After a few seconds you should start to feel the tension in your body melt away. With the first use you may feel strong pressure where Roballs is placed. This pressure should fade with multiple uses of the product. Make sure to use them often for the most benefit.


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Roballs - back pain solution

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My Story

At 21 years old I was doing a lot of manual labor while putting myself through college. One weekend I had to shovel a lot of heavy snow and when I bent over to lift a shovelful I felt my back snap. The next day I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even get out of bed. After 2 months I was finally able to leave the house, but I had to stop doing the things I loved: snowboarding, basketball, skydiving, working... everything.

I went to the hospital to get x-rays and the doctor said I could try physical therapy but would likely need surgery. I didn't want to have surgery if I could avoid it, so I went home and picked up a tool that I'd been given by a massage practitioner. After a few days of doing the exercises that she had showed me I was at up and walking again.

That tool would become the first Roballs prototype.

The results were so amazing that I became (prematurely) convinced of my success and stopped using the tool. Big mistake. I had terrible sciatica for months - it hurt to stand up, sit down, anything. I just couldn’t get rid of the pain.

I started using Roballs again and within a few weeks my sciatica was gone. There was still a long road ahead, but with the help of Roballs I was able to fully recover.

Now Roballs has become part of my routine. I use it after exercise, meditation, or when I need to relax. That's why I've made Roballs available on this site: to help others melt away muscle tension, get the most out of their physical activities, and just live life better.

Try it for 60 days - if you're not convinced send it back. Consider the muscle health and happiness you experience to be my gift to you!
roballs@outofbackpain.com | @outofbackpain

Marshall Hayes